About Us
With professional experience in this market since 1997, initiates your activity in the year of 2005/2006, having as work philosophy to produce with great resulted, supply to the best cost benefit, express the profile of the customer, reach marketing objectives and to value your customers, partners and suppliers.

Analyses of market, challenges and innovative solutions are some of the used instruments to search the best one resulted for our customers.


Providing solutions focused on results using technology, knowledge, strategy and relationship without harming their culture, customs and employees.
Value your employees, customers and suppliers.
Concentrate efforts on seeking what the novelty, for technology trends in national and international markets.


Investing in development work and strategy to achieve the success of our organization.
Be a world class quality, service and technology.
Being recognized as an innovator.
Being the best in your products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Future vision

Sustainability - Quality, innovation and results
Quality - in products and services
Innovation - in products, processes and management
Outcome - to ensure the expansion and sustainability


Respect, discipline, organization, ethics and transparency
Social and Environmental Responsibility
Innovation and excellence
Passion / Love / Peace


Technology and Innovation
Knowledge and Experience
Result in the first place
Support and After Sales
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